Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
St. Mary's College of CA
Moraga, CA

(Last Update: 01.25.14)


I am an Assistant Professor at St. Mary's College of CA. I'm a graduate of the Ph.D. program at the Mathematics & Computer Science Department of Wesleyan University. My Ph.D. dissertation (Group Actions On Categorified Bundles) was supervised by Mark Hovey. I have a B.S. in math from Mary Baldwin College.

I recently returned Saint Mary's College from a post-doc position with the Courant Research Centre "Higher Order Structures" at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. At Göttingen, I worked with the research group of Chenchang Zhu.

Research Interests

I'm interested in higher categories and their applications in topology, physics and computation (CV). In particular, my dissertation is on 2-representations and 2-K theories, but my more recent interests include in categorified invariants of knots.

Having a background in CS, I spend a signficant amount of free time learning new programming languages and paradigms for fun and have been looking for ways to include computational or applied aspects of mathematics in my active research.


Traveling is great fun and luckily mathematicians have a knack for hosting conferences off the beaten track!


Most recently, I've taught Abstract Algebra I, Calculus I, Design and Development for iOS I, Game Theory and Theory of Computation. In the Spring, I will be teacing Calculus II and Design and Development for iOS II as well as supervising a team of math majors in developing a educational iPhone app for the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Our project is supported by a Sencer Grant (which promotes the science eduction for civic engagement).

This summer I am working with a team of students to create a cross platform desktop app, using the Neatbeans Platform, to support the collection, analysis and visualization of data from Single Subject Studies. Last summer I supervised Marco Avalos in a data mining project (this is a collaboration with Rebecca Jabbour in the biology department).

The math department organizes a number of outreach, recruitment and community building events. They are great opportunities to take pleasure in the sharing of mathematics. For example, we run a Problem of the Week competition; we also host monthly math talks with tea and cookies for the math community. Chris Jones and I co-direct (SMC)2, Saint Mary's summer math camp for gifted high school students (which sadly did not run in 2013 due to lack of funding).

Things to do for woman mathematicians

Women in the Mathematics Department (WMD)
This is an organization we started at Wesleyan. We hold social events for women faculty, staff and students at the department to come together and discuss research, job issues, life and whatever else.

Association for Women in Mathematics Education Resources
The AWM education website includes a list of summer programs in the mathematical science for middle to high school aged girls.

The Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women
This is a program for women in their first or second year of undergraduate studies. The goal of the program is to expose students to fields of mathematics usually beyond the undergraduate curriculum.

The George Washington University Summer Program for Women in Mathematics
"This is a five-week intensive program for mathematically- talented undergraduate women who are completing their junior year and may be contemplating graduate study in the mathematical sciences. Goals of this program are to communicate an enthusiasm for mathematics, to develop research skills, to cultivate mathematical self-confidence and independence, and to promote success in graduate school."
-from the SPWM website

Smith College's Center for Women in Mathematics: Post-Bac Program
The Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College has a year long post-bac program for students who want to reinforce their undergraduate mathematics education before continuing on to graduate school. Students can take a variety of undergraduate and graduate math courses at Smith (or one of the neighbouring colleges or universities) and they have the opportunity to participate in research.

EDGE: Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education
EDGE holds a summer program for women about to enter or are in their first year of graduate school, as well as regional mentoring groups for women in the mathematical sciences.

CaMeW: Career Mentoring Workshop for Women
CaMeW is a annual summer workshop for women mathematicians entering their final year of graduate school. The workshop provides information on the job search process, interviewing and career development. It's a fantastic program staffed by very awesome people!