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Meeting Times Wed 215-545pm. or Fri 115-445pm BROH (formarly Gatehouse) 309.

Lab Manual Catalyst: Chem02 Principles of Chemistry.

Prerequisite Must be enrolled in Chem02 lecture.

Experiments Most lab experiments performed in the lab may be found in the manual for the course. Pleas see the course calendar for the lab schedule. Experiments are to be completed during the assigned lab period. Your lab manual must be approved by your instructer and bench areas must be cleaned and all glassware stored before checking out for the day. There are no make-up labs, however, please contact your instructer ASAP if you think you may miss a lab.

Lab Quizzes Weekly lab quizzes will be given at the beginning of the lab period that focus specifically on your understanding of the previous lab. The quizzes will take about 15 minutes lab time. Questions on the quizzes will be drawn from the background information and questions from the lab manual and will assess your understanding of the purpose of the lab, the procedure, the calculations, and the results. You must have attended the lab to take the lab quiz.

Final Exam A comprehensive final exam will be scheduled during the last week of lab during your regular lab period.

Grading Your grade will be based on your performance in lab on the 11 weekly quizzes (15 pts each), and a comprehensive final exam (150 points). You will be allowed to drop one quiz grade, however, you must still complete all the labs to receive credit for the course. 300 total points for the semester.

Final letter grades will be assigned according to the percentage of points that you accumulate during the semester. The approximate ranges for letter grades will be:

A = 100-85% B = 84-70% C = 69-55% D = 54-40%

Your exact letter grade will be determined by a number of factors, including your performance on the quizzes and the final exam and completion of all the labs.

Academic Honesty Students are expected to do their own work on all exams and quizzes. Violations of this policy will be vigorously prosecuted according to SMC Academic Honesty Procedures.

Prof. Jeffrey Sigman
Gatehouse 312
(925) 631-8222
email is my preferred method of contact