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Webelements Periodic Table

For New Students     Fundamental Constants from NIST

Guidelines for Writing Lab Reports

    ptable interactive periodic table
Introduction to Significant Figures
  NIH Household products database find chemicals in household products
Introductory Chemistry Resources   Chemistry Software
    MarvinSketch - molecular drawing software (requires registration)
    Rasmol - free molecular viewer
Library Resources   Orbital Viewer

Chemistry specific resources at SMC - article databases, available periodicals, handbooks

Pubmed - Search for Research articles   SMC Chemistry Course Websites
Pubmed Central - NIH free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature    

RETUrN: Renewable Environment: Transforming Urban Neighborhoods - The Alameda Superfund Site
Chem02 - 2011 - Principles of Chemistry

      Chem110 - 2007 - Special Topics in Chemistry
Chem130 - 2010 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chem136 - 2010 - Advanced Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry Resources      
NIST Standard Reference Database  - Thermodynamic data, MS, and sometimes other spectra  
Table of the Nuclides - chart of atomic isotopes  
Named Reactions  in Organic Chemistry  

Spectral Database System - search for spectra