Horsetails at SMC Swamp    
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The horsetails are thriving in the wet silty soils of the former Lake La Salle site.  The horsetails sprout early in the season before the red willow tree canopy is established for the season.  The horsetails have an extensive root structures.  The actual species is possibly Equisetum giganteum since in the middle of summer these plants reach a height of nearly 2 meters.

This photo shows the plants early in the season.

(SJB photo)

This photo shows the plants early in the previous summer while there is still sufficient water flowing through the silty soils and the willows canopy shaded the site. (SJB photo)

A floral survey of the Saint Mary's Swamp was recorded in 2001/2002.

This survey suggested that the horsetails could be monoculture.  More research projects on  the horsetails are proposed to investigate this suggestion and may involve some genetic analyses..