Steven Bachofer

Department of Chemistry

P.O.Box 4527

Saint Mary's College

Moraga, CA 94575




Research Interests


Research provides me an opportunity to inspire myself and students by exploring chemical phenomena.  In particular, various environmental chemical issues and colloidal chemistry research questions are most important to me.  Recent research includes:

         Surfactant aggregate shape changes

                           Chemical trapping agent chemistry to quantify the phase change

                           Molecular Fluorescence to probe aggregate properties

         Binding of pollutants to surfactant modified zeolites;

         XRF screening studies

        Quantifying pyrethroids in sediments and water





Environmental Chemistry

Special Topics

General Chemistry

General Science ( titled Urban Environmental Issues)

Wetlands (Jan Term titled Precious Water and Watersheds ))




Saint Mary's College, Chemistry Department Faculty ,Professor (1988— to present)

Sencer Center for Innovation - West, co-director, (2008-2011)

Rhode Island College, Chemistry Department Faculty , Asst. Professor (1987-88)

The Clorox Company, Research Scientist (Sept. 1983— Sept. 1987)




Ph. D., Brown University, Inorganic Chemistry (1984)

B.S., University of the Pacific (May 1979)




Recent Grants

Thomas J. Long Foundation - 2006, $ 15,000, S. Bachofer and M. Shulman (co-PIs), supports integration of screening technologies into the curriculum

Dreyfus Foundation - Special Grant, SG-04-083 - 2004, $17,000, supports extension of quantum theory and spectroscopy curricular thread (Field Portable XRF instrument integrated into the curriculum)

Agilent Technologies University Grant - 2000, $ 135,801, S Bachofer (PI) and J. Wesemann, K. Brown, J. Case, F. Saeed (co-PIs), supports Intermolecular Forces curricular thread implementation.

National Science Foundation, DUE-CCLI # 9951392 - 1999-2001, J. Wesemann (PI), S.Bachofer and K. Brown (co-PIs), $ 35, 594, support the Quantum theory curricular thread implementation.

Azur Environmental Educational Research Grant - 1998, S.Bachofer and F. Saeed (co-PIs), $ 10, 000, supports applications of the Microtox test into Chemistry and Biology curriculum.

Recent Publications (Students as co-authors denoted with an asterisk)

"Studying the Redevelopment of a Superfund Site: An Integrated Generral Science Curriculum Paying Added Dividends," in Science Education and Civic Engagement: The SENCER Approach, Richard Sheardy, ed., ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1037, 117-133.

"Sampling the Soils Around a Residence Containing Lead-based Paints: An X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Experiment," S. Bachofer, J.Chem.Ed., 2008, 85(7), 980-982.

"Renewable Environments: Transforming Urban Neighborhoods, (The RETUrN Learning Community)," SENCER model course, S.Bachofer and P. Martinelli, 2005 available

"Field Sampling with a FP-XRF: A Real World Experience," S. Bachofer, Spectroscopy Letters, 2004, 37(2), 115-128.

* "Investigations of Mono-Fluoro substituted benzoates at the Tetradecyltrimethylammonium Micellar Interface,." S. Bachofer, M, Vermathen, P. Stiles, and U. Simonis,  Langmuir 2002, 18(4), 1030-1042

"Conductivity, a Simple Method to Probe Micellar Solutions." S. Bachofer, .Journal of Chemical Education, 1996, 73(9), 861-864.

"Determination of the Ion Exchange Constants of Four Aromatic Organic Anions Competing for a Cationic Micellar Interface." S. Bachofer, and U. Simonis, Langmuir 1996, 12(7) 1744-1754.

* "The Orientational Binding of Substituted Naphthoate Counterions to the Tetradecyltrimethylammonium Bromide Micellar Interface." S. Bachofer, U. Simonis, T.A. Nowicki, Journal of Physical Chemistry 1991, 95, 480-488.

"Viscoelastic Surfactant Solutions: A Demo to Catch the Students' Attention." S. Bachofer, Journal of Chemical Education 1990, 67(Sept.): 790-791.